pcpartsandcables support pages

For situations where it is not possible/desirable to replace an existing cable we can supply custom cables extensions and pitch adaptor cables.

Where an existing cable is too short we can provide extensions for cables with the following pitches -

  • 2mm
  • 2.54mm

    Extensions can be provided for USB,Firewire,discrete wire and multicore shielded and unshielded cables.

    Custom pitch adaptors can be provided for cases where an item of equipment is supplied with a cable that uses a different pitch to the customer's target hardware.

    Pitch adaptors are available for conveting -

  • 2mm pitch connectors to the more common 2.54mm pitch.
  • 2.54mm pitch connectors to the 2mm pitch connectors used on many embedded systems and other hardware.

    Minimum order quantities and lead times

    Please contact us for minimum order quantities and delivey lead times for these products.

    In many cases an MOQ will not apply unless a special connector or cable specification is required.