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A range of internal 6 pin plug / 10 pin header firewire cables.

These cables can be use to connect internal firewire devices of front panel ports.

The cables allow connection between devices/front panel ports with either pin header or standard 6 pin Firewire plugs.

Standard 6 pin firewire plug to 2x5 way pin header connector

6 pin Firewire plug to 10 pin header adaptor cable
Cable for connecting internal Firewire devices or front panel ports using stanard 6 pin firewire plug and a 10 pin header.

Standard 6 pin Firewire plug at one end, 2x5 way pin header connector at the other.

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Internal firewire cable 2x5 way pin header connectors

Internal Firewire cable
Cable for connecting Firewire devices or Front Panel ports to a motherboard Firewire pin header.

2x5 way motherboard connector at both ends.

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Extension cable for motherboard firewire pin header

Firewire pin header extension cable
Cable for extending the reach of a 2x5 way motherboard Firewire pin header.

2x5 way FEMALE pin header connector at one end.

2x5 way MALE pin header extension connector at the other end.

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