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This pages lists cables available for use with the Raspberry Pi.

This includes ribbon cables and 26 pin DIL connectors with crimped wires for use with the GPIO port.

15 pin FFC flex cables for use with the CSI (camera) and DSI ports are also available.

26 pin (2x13 way) ribbon cable for Raspberry Pi GPIO Port

26 pin ribbon cable for Raspberry Pi GPIO
Standard 26 pin (2x13 way) Ribbon cable connector at both ends.

Available in various lengths up to 50cm.

Longer / custom length cables available on request.

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26 pin (2x13 way) connector for the Raspberry Pi GPIO port

Crimp connector/housing and crimped wires for the Raspberry Pi

These cables can be used for Raspberry Pi GPIO projects.

The wires included have a bare crimp at one end which can be plugged into the 26 pin connector.

The other end of the crimped wire has a single plug which can be plugged onto a pin header on your project board.

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15 pin, 1mm pitch FFC cable for Raspberry Pi projects

 15 pin FFC Flex cable for the Raspberry Pi CSI camera or DSI ports
Can be used to interface cameras / display devices to the Raspberry Pi CSI/DSI ports etc.

Opposite side type.

Available in a variety of lengths.

Same side type available on request.

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